To access the your Surrogates, click the icon for Surrogates.

Surrogate Portal

The Surrogate Portal lists all of the surrogates in your agency. You may search by [1] First Name, [2] Last Name or [3] Email Address. You may also search by last name in the search tool box [4]. To access a specific donor, once you have searched, click on their name in pink:

Surrogate Info

The Surrogate Info tab hold the following information:

[1] Contact Information: In this section you will be able to view the basic information about your surrogate.

[2] View Surrogate Application: You may view, edit and print the application here.

[3] Edit Surrogate: Click here to update and edit surrogate information.

[4] Surrogate Status: Here you may update the status of the surrogate in your agency.

View Surrogate Application

To view, edit, or print to donor application, click View Surrogate Application.

To make any edits to the application, simply click on the line you wish and type.

If you do make any edits, you will need to click through the entire application to the end and click Save.To print the application, click the grey print icon in the upper right hand corner.

You will know your changes have been recorded when you see this screen.

Edit Surrogate

To edit or update a surrogate's information, click Edit Surrogate.

On this page you will be able to update basic demographic and contact information for your surrogate. Once you have made any changes or edits, click the Save button.