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Install Google Chrome

Install Google Chrome (and live happily ever after)

Proxy is a complex, high performing website. If you don't have a current version of a good web browser then you WILL HAVE PROBLEMS. Old web browsers cannot support the modern code we use to bring the Proxy user experience.

Your first step for using Proxy is to install a copy of the Chrome web browser made by Google. Chrome has a reputation for being the fastest and best web browser available.

Note: Please do not use Google Chrome for surfing the web or any other purpose. Reserve Chrome only for use with Proxy. Websites store information called cookies in your browser's memory. It is possible that cookies from other sites may affect the performance of Proxy. It is a good practice to use another web browser for your every day computer use and save Chrome for patient care.

How to install Chrome

Follow this link to download and install Google Chrome:

Click Download now. Follow the instructions to install Chrome on your computer.