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How to use Scanned Documents


Scanned Documents in Proxy keeps all hard copies of old reports, labs, consents, or any document you like securely accessible from the cloud and stored within a surrogate chart.

Uploading Scanned Documents

You may upload a document from your desktop directly or use your desktop scanner to scan in a document. Save the file to a folder on your desktop. Click Add New Document:

Click the Browse [1] button and select the document that you wish to scan. Click Upload [2]. Your document will be displayed in the viewer. Fill in all of the other info such as the document name and document type and click Save

Viewing Scanned Documents in a Surrogate Chart

View a donor's documents by going to chart and clicking Scanned Documents. Under each section you will be able to view the documents by clicking on the date, in this example "Thu, Sep 28, 2017"

List of Surrogate Documents [1]This portal lists all of the patient's uploaded documents. Click on the Date to view the document.

Document Viewer [2]The Document Viewer displays the scanned image. Scroll up and down the Viewer to see the complete document.

Document Information [3]: View information regarding the Document Name, Type, and Date Created.