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Create and Manage User Accounts


Proxy's support staff will create Administrative User Accounts when you join the Artisan family. Follow these instructions to create additional staff accounts.

Go to the Gear icon in the upper right corner. Use the pull down menu to select Settings. Choose Manage Staff Accounts.

Add A New Staff Member

Click the Add Staff button to enter a new staff member.

Note: Staff accounts may ONLY be created by individuals having Clinic Administrator or Practitioner system privileges.

Add New Staff Accounts and Passwords

Each staff member will have three items created with their account: a username, a password, and a digital signature.

• User name: each user name is unique throughout Proxy. If there is a previous user named Joe Smith in any Proxy agency or clinic, the next individual with that name will need to select a different user name (e.g., “J Smith” or “JoeSmith” or a nickname “Smitty”).

For Practitioner accounts enter the provider’s state medical license and DEA numbers.

User names are created by the Clinic Administrator at the time of account creation and may not be changed. User names are not case sensitive. User names are for sign in purposes only and are not displayed anywhere in Proxy.

•Password: passwords must be at least 6 characters and are case sensitive. Passwords may be changed by the user via the Change Password button on the user’s Home Page or by the Clinic Administrator via the Manage Staff layout.

• Digital Signature: Progress Notes may be digitally signed by entering a Digital Signature when a Progress Note is saved to the database in Proxy. For security purposes the Digital Signature should be a different than the user’s Password.

Manage Staff Accounts and Passwords

[1] Active/Inactive status - click the check box to inactivate an account.

[2] Change Password.

[3] Change Digital Signature

[4] Assign office location - see next step for details.

[5] Edit Account Information - click to edit a user's name, contact information, and license information.

[6] Delete User Account.

Here we have added Dr. Jones to Artisan Miami.

Resource Scheduler in Appointment Calendar

The Appointments calendar has a "resource scheduler" view that displays the day's events for selected individuals.  Check the Display Scheduler box to add the User in the resource scheduler.