Surrogate Matching


Within each patient/IP chart is a section of Surrogate Matching, which allows you to view all active surrogates sort the surrogates, and then suggest appropriate matches to the IP. These will all appear in the IP portal to view, review and then to select. All happening in real-time between your various portals in Proxy.

Active Donors

All Active Surrogates will appear on the left hand side. If you wish to suggest the surrogate as a Prospective Match to your IP, click the [1] plus sign to move the surrogate over to the Prospective Match section.

Prospective Match

Surrogates in the Prospective Match Section have been suggested to your IP in her portal. Depending on your setting selections, your IPs will be able to view all Active Surrogates, Prospective Matches, or both Active Surrogates and Prospective Matches. Once your IP has reviewed his/her matches, he/she can reply in the Portal and you will see the Status of the Match as "Yes", "No", "Maybe" or unanswered. You may filter results by clicking the three-dot filtration, making your selection and then clicking Search.

Match to IP

Once you have received an answer from your IP selecting the surrogate you may officially match the surrogate to the IP. Do this by clicking Match to IP

This will officially match the two together, and you will see an update on the Intended Parents page under their Third Party Information, as seen below: