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How to Reset Your Web Browser for Proxy Software Releases

This is the first thing to do if you sign on to PROXY and encounter problems.

PROXY works by storing computer code called "cookies" in your web browser's memory. Cookies work to provide instructions to draw screens and perform tasks as you use the system. Web designers use cookies to store information in your computer's memory so that you don't need to load this code every time that you sign onto the system. This dramatically improves the speed of the program.

We periodically release updated versions of the EMR software. These updates contain new features and bug fixes.

In some cases the "old cookies" stored in your computer's memory will conflict with the new code that we are installing. This can lead to a blank screen on sign in or features not working properly.

All you need to do in this instance is to reset your web browser. Programmers call this "clearing the browser memory cache". Just sign in to PROXY after you've reset your browser and the updated information will be automatically stored.

Simple instructions for resetting different web browsers are shown below.

Google Chrome

You may go to for detailed instructions

Google Chrome