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How to use the Appointment Calendar


Proxy features a calendar to schedule appointments and to display important resources

Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar is integrated with your list of patients, donors and surrogates. Users will find a copy of their daily schedule on their Home Page.

Click Appointments in the top level navigation button set to open the Calendar:

1) Month/Week/Day/Resources(veritcal) view: click on these buttons to change the display.

2) Filtration: use these pulldown menus to focus on appointments of interest. You can display appointments for a given location (if you have multiple locations), view appointments for a selected patient or view appointments for a given staff member.

3) Resource Scheduler: the Calendar may be viewed in a "Resource Scheduler" format to view selected staff members schedule during a day. 

How to add an appointment to the Calendar

Click or drag on any date or time in the Calendar. This will open the Add Event dialog box. Enter the Title, Time & Date, and Provider. Add any other details as needed. Click Save to commit.

Note: Patients, donors and surrogates must be entered into Proxy before you can use the Patient, Donor and Surrogate pulldown menus to display them. What do you do to enter an appointment for a new patient, donor, surrogate  or a non-patient care appointment? Simply put the name of the person in the Title field. Leave Patient, Donor, Surrogate empty for new patients, donors and surrogates or non-patient care appointments. 

How to add Staff to the Resources Panel

To designate a staff member to have their schedule presented in the Resource Scheduler, go to Manage Staff Accounts in the Settings Menu.

Open the staff member's Edit User interface. Click Display Scheduler to activate their account in the Resource Scheduler.